A date night to preserve for centuries

Let’s be real for a moment... When was the last time you and your spouse actually got to have a date night? If you’re one of the lucky ones, your probably able to say “This week!” or “Last week.” But If you’re more like the rest of us here in too Busy-Ville it’s more like “Uhh….April I think?” or “Before the kids were born.” (And they are almost teenagers now)

When we actually do get to have a date night, a concert, a movie, or a dinner are all great ways to spend time with your significant other but what about getting to connect, to laugh, to dance, to solely focus on just the two of you?

Doing a date night portrait session you will do all of those things that connect us most.

You’ll spend an hour hugging, dancing, embracing, looking deep into each others eyes. You laugh, tell stories, and overall gush over each other. Radiating the spark and connection you share.

And then you get to have those memories printed in amazing wall art like a framed print or a large canvas to walk by daily for the rest of your lives to remember that connection, those laughs, how you danced as if no one was watching, how you focused on the person that means the most to you. Or maybe you’ll sit together so many years from now and flip through an album of all your gorgeous images and feel that connection and spark all over again.

Let’s chat and see what date night idea would be a perfect for you and your special someone.

The possibilities are endless.