A dreamy Texas maternity session.

We've been planning this session for months, literally since finding out she was expecting her second baby. I bought the gowns months before the actual session,planned out her families outfits, planned out location details, the whole shebang.

Cue day of session, and it was SO windy! We seconded guessed our idea of driving an hour away to the location to get these images but It was THE day, we had planned for so long. We were going to get through it, wind and all.

If you've ever driven down highway 34 towards Ennis, Texas during the springtime, you know what a spectacular sight it is to see the bluebonnets blanket either side of the highway for miles and miles. It's one of Texas's truly special views. Ennis also has special spots all around town where people flock to get those traditional bluebonnet images. This area we chose has a lake behind acres upon acres of freshly bloomed bluebonnets. It did not disappoint.

When we arrived, there were hundreds of cars parked, people dressed in their best outfits, some casually dressed just taking in the views. Tons of photographers, and people using their cell phones, all there to be present in the moment. It's amazing that a flower that only blooms for a few short weeks a year could bring so many different people together out in nature, just enjoying it for what it is.

We started in the early evening, knowing we wanted two different gowns to be used within two different sun phases. We choose the grey gown to be used during the sunniest part of our session, and the yellow gown to be used during sunset. The sun was bright, but settled into a gorgeous sunset over the lake that was absolutely dreamy.

Sam, Brandon and Keelan were all so much fun, easily fell into poses, and kept the entire session so much fun. We laughed, waited out the wind when it would get rough, but all in all it is one of my favorite sessions to date! And just look at how gorgeous Sam and her family are!

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