An adult cake smash session

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Planning Elizabeth’s 40th Birthday cake smash session started a full year ago. You see, Liz is my sister in law, and my brother had mentioned last year about doing something “big” for her 40th birthday gift, and my mind thought that meant she was turning 40 last year. But being the good sister I am, I placed that blame right back onto my him. HA!

Luckily, she has a great sense of humor, and though I completely aged her by a full year, she was super excited of the idea of a 40th cake smash session! With having 5 kids of her own, she knows the drill when it comes to cake smashes, and absolutely loved making her own, adult-version of this tradition.

So this year, the year she actually turned 40 we got down to planning this special session. We knew it had to be funny, yet still classy. She had to be dressed up, pampered, but the decor and the setting just made it fun, and hilarious. I think we nailed this part.

40th birthday adult cake smash

I contacted some of my favorite shops to see if they would be interested in collaborating in this session, and all these props, garments, and jewelry started coming in. I already owned a House of Flynn tulle skirt for my client wardrobe, we borrowed some fancy heels, and I made her chalkboard sign. Liz picked up her cake from the local Brookshires in Canton, Texas and then

we only needed a few extra balloons, and we were officially set for this session.

We made it a girls night, had hair and make-up done, sipped on some non PG drinks with a us and a friend of ours, and were off to our location choice in the middle of one of our fields here at the Rocking Arrow Ranch.

Being that we are on a decent sized piece of property in the country, you always run the chance of seeing some sort of wildlife, and not just the bird sized mosquitoes that Texas has to offer. This day, we are starting to unload all of our things out of the truck to look across the field and see a herd of about 30 wild hogs. Liz and I look at each other, kind of shrug and go back to unloading. It’s crazy that you become accustomed to these types of sightings and just go carrying on about your day.

Even though it was during the hottest part of the summer, we had so many laughs during this session. We changed outfits, props set ups, and shot well into sunset. When it was time to dig into that cake, Liz didn't skip a beat and did it like any one of her 5 kids would have done. I think she did them proud.

All around, this was such a special session. To be able to get so many shops involved, to getting to pamper Liz, to set it all up, and to walk away with so many great images is just so rewarding.

A list of the following shops and links are as follows:

Gold leather earrings:

Stamped gold bar necklace:

stationary :

Still a girl tank:

Cake topper:

“Cheers bitches” banner:

Fabric 40 banner:

“Fabulous 40” Shirt:

“Birthday Queen” tank:

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