Kyler's senior session in nature

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Kyler is graduating from Canton High School, with Honors I might add.

At our consultation, he knew he wanted an outdoorsy session, within nature. His parents told me how much he liked hunting, his Jeep, and just the outdoors in general. So we talked locations, things he could incorporate into his session, and outfits. We decided to do his session here at the Rocking Arrow Ranch, where nature is our game. With almost 100 acres of pastures, trees, and creeks, it is sure to yield amazing images.

Kyler and his family arrived after a very rainy weekend, but we were determined to get these images, he had announcements to get out before graduation! So we went off into the woods first, the light shining through the trees and Kyler in his red plaid shirt all played perfectly together. Then into the creek with a tree laying across the creek opening really played into that whole "nature" look they were looking for, not to mention the big hunting stand. Kyler will be attending Texas Tech University in the fall, so he decided to bring one of his Texas Tech shirts to show his pride.

We of course did his cap and gown portraits as well, in the open pasture. I keep thinking that his dreams are bigger than this huge empty field we were in, and how it just felt so right to take them there.

Towards the end of his session, he had one more outfit to change into, that everyone was kind of giggling about, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was better than I could have imagined.

Pinapple shorts, cowboy boots, pug shirt, and a samurai sword. Perfection.

I giggled like a little school girl not only while taking these images, but during editing, and then again while watching Kyler and his family see their images for the first time. Laughter was all about! I understood completely then why he was voted "Most likely to not care." and I sure hope he never loses that quality.

Kyler and his family ended up choosing to Print their images in an 8x8 album, a gorgeous 16x20 mounted print, and in his announcments for graduation.

Senior session Print package

It was so amazing working with such an amazing family, one that loves and supports their children, even when they want to be completely silly for something so serious like senior portraits. Such a breath of fresh air they are!